Botanical Calm & Heal Range is a simple skincare system that is completely natural and works with your skin.  Its bioavailable ingredients focus on finding balance, healing, protecting, hydrating & nourishing your skin.

Botanical Calm and Heal Range is most suited for those just starting out their natural skincare routine, teenage skin or if you have normal, combination or an oily skin type.  If you are just starting out then this range is for you.  You can always switch to our Botanical Skin Food Range, once you feel your skin is ready.  Our Calm & Heal Range is made from lighter oils and is perfect for starting out.

Wild Bush Cleanser – a gorgeous oil cleanser that contains skin loving ingredients that leave your skin looking and feeling clean, smooth and nourished. It does not strip your natural skin oils or clog your pores, and even removes waterproof makeup.

Floral Mist Toner – is a gorgeous blend of Botanical’s, Witch Hazel and Rosewater which hydrates, soothes and tones the skin.

Hemp & Calendula Glow Serum – is a light, easily absorbed facial oil which is full of nourishing ingredients that help your skin find balance, soothe, calm, and heal without clogging your pores.

Healing Earth Clay Mask – is gentle but really effective.  It will help with any on-going skin issues, helping to clean deep down into the pores, nourish, absorb excess oil and help get rid of any bacteria that may be causing your skin harm.

Botanical Blemish Elixir – is a completely natural formulation that is full of anti-inflammatory (soothes & calms), anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-septic properties.  The elixir helps to reduce redness and swelling, it also helps speed up the healing process and reduce the risk of scarring.

Rose, Hibiscus & Wild Tremella Night Cream – is luxuriously thick and creamy, it contains nothing but natural ingredients that work with your skin. It is nutrient dense and feeds your skin while you sleep. It is full of anti-oxidant rich botanicals, moisture rich Tremella (Mushroom), Mango Butter and a beautiful blend of nourishing plant oils, that leave your skin feeling soft, hydrated and nourished. The night cream has a beautiful light floral scent to match its light pink appearance.

Herb & Honey Lip Balm – is so very nourishing, glides on smooth, leaving your lips feeling soft, smooth and hydrated.  Made from a gorgeous blend of herbs, plant oils, raw cocoa butter and NZ honey and beeswax.